The Shell Group – December 2020
(from left to right, top) Dennis Robinson-Brown, Prof. Shell, Charles Li, Evan Pretti, (middle) Sally Jiao, My Nguyen, Kevin Shen, Daniela Rivera-Mirabal, (bottom) Stephen Lillington, Samuel Lobo, Nick Sherck
December 2018
(from left) Dennis Robinson-Brown, Nick Sherck, Prof. Shell, Ryan Collanton, Tristan O’Neil, Sally Jiao, Stephen Lillington, My Nguyen, Dave Smith, Tanmoy Sanyal, Jacob Monroe, Kevin Shen
September 2015
(from left) Prof. Shell, Brian Lynch, Jacob Monroe, Dave Smith, Tanmoy Sanyal, Bob Feng, Nikolai Petsev.
October 2014
(from left) Prof. Shell, Cody Hegel, Wenkang Chou, Bob Feng, Dave Smith, Scott Carmichael, Brian Lynch, Tanmoy Sanyal, Nikolai Petsev, Joohyun Jeon.
February 2012
(from left) Joohyun Jeon, Carolyn Mills, Prof. Shell, Rafael Prato, Avi Chaimovich, Scott Carmichael, Nikolai Petsev, Brian Giera
August 2008
(from left) Dwight Mcgee, Jason Gee, Prof. Shell, Avi Chaimovich, Edmund Lin